3 surefire ways to improve conversions on your services page (Demo)

Your services page is where the majority of your patients will make the final decision between buying your service or leaving your website. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see dental clinics neglecting this part of the sales funnel.

These pages exist to explain to patients why your service is exceptional , what needs it will fill or what problem it will solve . It is for these reasons that a well-built service page goes well beyond description and beautiful images.

To help you create an exceptional service page, I suggest three easy ways to increase conversion on this page.

1. Add an FAQ section (most frequently asked questions)
Sometimes, patients are reluctant to buy your service or pass their turn, simply because they lack answers to their questions . Including a list of frequently asked questions and answering them directly on your product pages will eliminate uncertainties at the time of purchase.

First, write down the questions you receive in your inbox and highlight those that come up most often. You can also create your own questions if you anticipate that they will come eventually. As a bonus, this will reduce the number of emails with the same questions from customers. If you have multiple specializations on your website, consider adding an FAQ section to the most popular specialty pages.

2. Embed an instant chat app

Much like an “FAQ” section, instant chat allows patients to have an answer to their questions, making it easy to make an informed purchase.

In addition, instant chat lets your patients know you’re easily and quickly accessible , increasing their trust in your clinic. Even if they do not use it, knowing they have the ability to communicate with you immediately gives them peace of mind.

3. Offer a guarantee

What are your guarantees? What is your customer satisfaction policy? Is this information visible to users?

Be proud to post your policies on your service pages. Dare to give a guarantee of satisfaction. If you’re ready to promise your patients that your specialty service is the best of them all, show it! If you take the risk out of the equation completely, your visitors will be much more inclined to buy.

All services, patients and clinics are different. Try new things and test what you think makes the most sense right now, then reevaluate after a while. Sometimes even a small change can have a huge impact on your business and help you increase conversion.

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