6 Reasons Your Website Fails to Serve Your dental or orthodontic clinic (Demo)

If you are running any type of business, you obviously need a website. Having a functional website for your business gives you a more professional image and basically enhances your service delivery. Although having an optimized and responsive website helps in ensuring that your website does not fail to serve your business, most business owners still face the challenges of dysfunctional websites, let’s look at some of the top reasons your website fails to serve your business after a successful design.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Designing a website or getting a professional web development company to handle the task is one thing, making sure that your business website is optimized for search engines is even more important since the whole essence of having a site is so your business gets known by as many people as possible, most websites fail because they lack the level of optimization needed in order to be easily found by search engines. Your business could utilize the search engine marketing service provided by Starkad consultant and marketing agency, because search engine optimization is important, companies are dedicated to helping businesses optimize their websites.


Most sites today fail to serve businesses because of a lack of professionalism in the appearance of the webpages, businesses are often concerned about making instant profit by putting ads that often clutters the main content of the service that is being provided and the main objective of the site. Excessive flashy texts and colors that doesn’t present a professional image.


Failure of hundreds of websites today is greatly attributed to lack of a responsive design implementation, having a website that is responsive basically means that you don’t have to spend money on mobile applications since your website can be viewed perfectly on any device. A responsive design will help your business convert more sales and thus become more successful as more and more users are moving towards the mobile platform, you need to keep visitors on your business website regardless of the device they are using.


Keywords are very relevant to search engines, some business website owners do not spend time exploring their keywords options, there are over one billion sites in the world today and you do have to take some time in making sure that you make use of keywords that would make your site stand out. A web agency in Montreal offers web strategy, relationship marketing and e-commerce amongst other services, business owners can leverage on this service.

5. Obsolete content

Having a functional site is all about content and more quality content. Business owners often have their websites designed and never bother to regularly proofread and add new content, what keeps users on your webpages is up to date and informative content.

6. No Direct Call to Actions

Not having specific call to actions on your site often discourages visitors from staying on your site, you need to have definitive call to actions on your homepage that will greatly enhance the conversion rate on your business website.

SME marketing decision makers in North America and other parts of the world need to understand the implications of having a site with some or all of the issues mentioned above, a functional website is key to the success of your business and goes a long way in creating a first good impression when new customers visit.

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