Buying only a domain name is enough? (Demo)

We are often asked if buying a single domain name is enough. Build a strategy with a subdomain or buy a new domain name for each new strategy.

1. Yes, to build brand awareness

As we have seen, buying multiple domain names is not recommended if you would like to create a site for each product or service. It would be necessary to start from scratch to develop the notoriety of each one and no work on that of the mark will be made. So that visitors will not even know it.

Google is very much based on this principle of notoriety to refine the positioning of a site in the search results. In addition to visitor numbers and quality content, it also capitalizes on the number of relevant inbound links that are present on other third-party sites. Owning multiple sites and domain names would cancel this strategy called “ link building “. These incoming links would be too distributed between the various sites and would lose their importance

2. No, to protect the use of your brand name

The purchase of other domain names is recommended here in order to optimize your web presence against your competitors .
Buy domain names similar to the one you use (variations with hyphens, misspellings, inverted words, several extensions …) depending on the impact of your brand, to prevent others from appropriating them to use your image and your notoriety. Technically, you can point these variants to your domain name in case the user was mistaken in the seizure and not to lose his visit.
Whenever possible, purchase domain names with keywords that you or your competitors may use to discuss the activity or brand. Do not point these domains to your site, this would be considered a violation of SEO rules (seen as spam by Google).

In any case do not upload your site content under multiple domain names , thinking increase your visibility. Here, Google would see duplication of harmful content in your SEO.