Consultation rate and the success of an Invisalign event (Demo)

Looking to produce an Invisalign event? For a dentist or orthodontist, the primary goal is to maintain or, even better, increase the number of consultation. Of course, that says goodwill rate says number of cases sold and, as a result, increased revenue. To ensure the rate of consultation required for the financial success of their events, clinics must deploy several marketing strategies.

1. Know your target audience of the Invisalign event

This essential step is unfortunately often misunderstood, imperfect and sometimes even sloppy. Many rely solely on their intuitions to define their clientele or simply try to target “everyone”.

Do you have family in your surroundings or professionals, or both ? Target each of one with separate message and separate promotions.

Defining your target market is important to build a lasting relationship with your audience. In terms of return on investment, this means that:

a. I understand the needs and tastes of my patients, I prepare my forwards after.
b. I offer an atmosphere and services or shows adapted to their needs and
c. I am able to increase my offer to attract more visitors.

There is a range of more or less sophisticated methods to better understand his target audience that can be done by himself or by hiring a firm specialized in market research.

2. Create your “social network – web ecosystem”

Beyond knowing where to go, knowing your visitors means above all how and where to go. To do this, you need to build and understand your “social network – web ecosystem”. Try to find out where your customers are and join them in many ways. In addition to the must-have social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and mobile apps (Snapchat, Instagram) you need to select your social platforms according to the usage of your customers:

  • the publication: where you present your content (eg website, blogs, Wikis, micro-blogs, etc.);
  • sharing: where you share your content – your photos, videos, music, links, locations and mobile apps (ex : Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.);
  • discussion: where you can easily communicate with your audience with the help of consumer communication tools and mobile communication apps (ex : Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, MessageMe, Kik, Pheed, etc.);
  • Networking: where you find all the mainstream social networks, dating services and professional networking platforms (ex : BrandedMe, LinkedIn, Tagged, etc.).

3. Establish a content strategy

To maximize your ridership, you must maximize your brand awareness among your customers who may be purchasing Invisalign treatment. A method of choice is to create content that will become viral, that is, content that will reach your target and that will be likely to be shared. For example, encourage your audience to share by offering them an incentive (eg, a significant discount on the treatment for the day of the event)

The goal is to create a stir among your potential buyers. A breeze that will encourage them to attend, to know more about your events.

Create a synergy between your brand and your content strategy. It will tell people who you are and what is important to you. People will be able to associate a positive and human image with your brand, which will help to build loyalty.

4. Build your current customer base

Relaunch your current patients (those who would need dental alignment). Since you have already seduced this audience, be sure to invite them to attend your next event. Send them emails, special offers, exclusives. Use them as ambassadors to value and share your brand.

The rate of attendance at organized events is the key to their success. Taking the time to build the most effective strategy and investing the adjusted resources to the particularities of the events and their target audience is the guarantee of your success. For more information or for a free consultation, contact us or subscribe to our newsletter!