Content is King for dental clinic (Demo)

contenu_est_roi (Demo)

“Content is king for a dental clinic” is an increasingly common expression. A simple Google search indicates almost 2 million results. In English, “content is king” produces over 300 million results! But what could that mean?

In an increasingly diverse, active and interactive world, it is very easy to get lost in the wealth of information generated, published and distributed on the web every minute. According to some studies, Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of information (text, video, images combined) every minute. We are faced with a huge wave of information and the risk of losing our bearings is greater than ever.

As a physical person in front of a computer and a cup of coffee, we always have the choice of the easiest solution. Close the computer and keep the cup of coffee next to a book, for example. But our choice is the opposite: to seek even more, to share even more.

Google records 4 million searches per minute. Companies that do not adjust their approach to tracking trends may miss a growing segment of the market. Depending on their field of activity, they risk neither more nor less than their disappearance. The example that demonstrates the truthfulness of this statement is the information industry printed on paper. More and more newspapers are migrating to the virtual environment, because print advertising revenues, which supported their production costs, are becoming increasingly thin in their budgets.

The needs of consumers are growing, but they are no longer looking for solutions to their needs in specific sections of newspapers. And they’re right: why travel and pay to buy a newspaper when the solution is right in their pocket?

Typing three keywords in Google is easy. The evidence is that 4 million people do it every minute. On the other side of the optical cable of the Internet, companies participate in a real contest whose stake is the acquisition of new customers. And here we come to the King. We arrive at the content.

A company’s blog is the main channel for distributing information. Mathematically speaking, the frequency of publication and the relevance of the articles published also play a crucial role in the competitions for the first answer offered to the 4 million people every minute. Professionals in the field call it “acquisition”. But if this acquisition is not converted by what is even called “conversion”, the effort invested is half lost. The credibility of information plays the essential role.

The first and most frequent mistake of the clinics that run the blog themselves is to try to sell their products or services, adopting a style of writing specific to advertising texts. The blog is not a corporate brochure, it does not have to explain, for example, the types of material for veneers and their mechanical characteristics. Instead, the blog should talk about the fundamental importance of dental veneers, in a specific context of life.

57% of marketing professionals say a company’s blog is the most appropriate way to distribute information. Important thing to remember, we are always talking about the same information that the 4 million people seek every minute, 24 hours a day. In other words, this content is really the focus of attention. Looks like a celebrity.

A king, for example.