How to choose a domain name for web SEO? (Demo)

How to choose a domain name for web SEO?

Your domain name will follow you and accompany the image of your company on the Internet for a very long time. First of all, you will have to think it well so that it is relevant for your SEO and memorable by your prospects.

Should we think of it as a key phrase in relation to your product or service? Should we put the name of the company or brand?

1. Choosing a domain name with precise keywords is only advantageous for SEO around a product or service. In this case, it is better to separate keywords by dashes so that search engines can read them better.

But this is still very restrictive. :

Your brand name is not present. If the name of the product is different from the brand name, then it will be difficult to communicate to make known the address of your website and create a reputation around your brand.

If you later decide to develop other products, this domain name will not be optimized to meet new requests.

(Example: you start your business on the sale of refrigerators with a site… Your business is growing and you want to diversify into electrical appliances, you now sell sweepers and washers. Your domain name is no longer relevant.)

When a user searches for your product or service, their query patterns are very complex and sometimes do not contain specific keywords. Therefore, this type of domain name does not take into account the variety of requests.

(Example: you are a dental specialist in cosmetic dentistry and you have chosen a domain name with keywords… An internet user makes the following request in Google “I dare not smile anymore I hide my teeth”. None of the key words are present, yet your service meets its expectations. You might as well use your dentist name as a domain name to use it as a brand and bet on a SEO strategy).

The use of specific keywords in a domain name may be penalized by Google if the site does not present relevant, shareable and useful content for the visitor. We’re talking about his EMD algorithm (Exact Match Domain).

2. Finally, in the majority of cases, it is better to favor a domain name with a brand strategy to promote it and build a reputation for it. A combination of “brand name + keyword” remains possible keeping in mind the same constraints.

It is not recommended to purchase multiple domain names per product or service to create multiple sites. You would duplicate your SEO workload for each of them and you would not build a strong reputation around your brand name. A domain name and a relevant tree are more efficient.

The web SEO strategy for each product and service will be done in detail by optimizing the content and HTML tags of the site itself.

What domain extension for web SEO?

The extension of the domain name corresponds to the few letters after the last point of the site address. It is very important, because it gives meaning to the vocation of your website and clarify your brand image. Search engines use it to match the data of the user making the request with your identity on the Web.

.com is the best-selling and most well-known of internet users who enter it by default when they look for the address of a website. It is useful to signify your business activity, and is used internationally.

.biz is reserved for companies and business areas. Less widely known to the general public, it can be unfavorable for a B2C business activity.

.ca is the geographic extension that means you are in and working in Canada. The geographic extension can be useful for referencing if your activity concerns only this location. Internet users in the same geographical area will be more likely to see your site appear in the first results.

.net was originally created for sites on computer topics, for enthusiasts. More widespread now, however, it is not recommended for a commercial brand image.

The list of extensions is very extensive.

If the extension .com is available for your domain name, reserve it for your corporate image.

Also, buy your domain name with various extensions, even if you don’t use them, to avoid cybersquatting and thus protect your image from harmful or fraudulent use on the Internet.

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