How to create your company blog? (Demo)

Which blog authoring tool to choose?

There are a multitude of free platforms that allows you to create your custom blog. Blogger, Overblog, or CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla !, Dotclear, Drupal, Typo3 …

Easy blog creation

You can opt for the easiest to use as Google Blogger to create a basic blog, if you do not feel comfortable with the computer tool. Management is done directly online, no installation is necessary. Just create a Google Account with a Gmail address to access it.

However, this can have disadvantages:

  • the features end up being limited.
  • the URL of your blog will be referenced on a domain other than your website. By default, your address will end with, unprofessional. If you want an address with a custom domain (which is more advisable because you will take full control of your blog), you will have to pay a subscription to a domain name provider.
  • a rather limited choice of graphic design, difficult to customize.

Accessible and powerful blogging: WordPress

This is the solution recommended by Starkad.

WordPress is available in a free online version, such as Blogger, at, for easy turnkey management, but with the same disadvantages as before.

Novo 3BI recommends the version to install and configure, available on Then the management is very accessible.

Blogging for advanced users

You can choose to use an even more feature-rich tool such as Typo3 or Drupal. These are intended primarily for a public familiar with the use of the Web and HTML. The preliminary configuration is quite complex. If you feel comfortable, these tools will allow you to create and manage real performing websites. Again, resources very well documented by the community of developers and users will be there to guide you if needed.

If you wish, we can take charge of creating your corporate blog, contact us !