4 Reasons to Build an Inbound Marketing Strategy for your dental or orthodontic clinic (Demo)

4 raisons de bâtir une stratégie marketing inbound

Inbound Marketing Strategy for your nonprofit. Local companies’ marketing strategies too often use old school techniques. This is even more the case with B2B companies. Historically, B2B companies could find success simply with a good product, good reps and a solid network. However, with the arrival of the digital age, where everything is accessible with a single click, even large companies are forced to turn to an inbound marketing strategy focused on the customer in order to stand out from the many options available on the web.

In 2015, one of the biggest mistakes a B2B company can make is to believe that what the competition is doing in terms of marketing is the standard in the industry. In fact, being content with the standard is a huge mis-step.

The truth is that success requires innovation!

If you are still relying heavily on cold calls and you still have apprehensions about inbound marketing, I propose 4 reasons to reconsider:

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that brings the client to the company instead of looking for clients through traditional marketing techniques like outbound marketing. Thus, we must draw potential client’s attention by creating quality content on a website that is searchable with search engines and shareable on social media.
The objective is to grab potential client’s attention.

strategie marketing inbound

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If you competitors still use phone books and cold calls, they are using the wrong strategy. It’s likely they spend huge amounts on traditional advertising like radio, television and newspaper ads without seeing any return on their investment, either because these ads do not produce much revenue or because it is very difficult to measure the results of such strategies.

Some of your competitors maybe have implemented one or two inbound strategies, but it is likely that very few really took the time to think about a lead generation system (or sales funnel) and spent the necessary budget for this system to be successful. This first push is a huge opportunity for companies to take the jump and make inbound marketing their priority. This change of vision will allow you to dominate your market and in an organic way.

Why not just let the leads come to you and capture their interest at the same time?


A large part of inbound strategy includes a website that is optimized for search engines (Google) and designed on a platform that that catches and converts leads within a versatile and easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, with mobile technology, everyone can access the web at any time and find a quick solution to any problem. So, when your target market needs a specific kind of service, they take their phone, make a quick search and analyze the options available.

Therefore, Your website is your first impression and your potential customers can decide in a few seconds if they are part of your target audience, if you are credible or not and if they should choose you or your competitor. Think like your customer, imagine their decision process: how can you then optimize your website for search engines? It’s also important for your website to be:

  • visually attractive,
  • optimized for mobile phones,
  • easy to identify the products and services that you offer,
  • credible by adding customers’ testimonials
  • effective through a system that converts visitors into leads.


We all want to do business with someone who can properly get the job done. A part of the inbound strategy is to turn your existing customers into promoters of your products and services. If your competitor is still using old marketing techniques, you can bypass him with an active social media presence, where you can communicate with your customers, become aware of how customers are using your products and services and, lastly, gather comments from satisfied customers.

To become successful in this industry, you must first deliver great pre- and post-sales customer service. After, you must create a system that encourages your customers to comment on their satisfaction with your products and services. This can be done easily with an automated email, which is sent every time an order is completed.

Taking the time and planning out the budget to build a positive web reputation will bring you a continuous and long-term return on investment. Measuring and automating these actions can be done through marketing platforms like HubSpot.


Most Google searches start with the phrase, “How to.” This is an opportunity for your business to be found and become the reference in your industry. By providing your target clients with useful information regarding their questions and interests, and your expertise, you can position your business as a trustworthy resource.

Afterwards, when these people require your services, they will come to you first, since they already trust you. This information can be presented as educational videos, blog articles, webinars, ebooks…

Inbound marketing strategy allows you to improve each marketing campaign with data analysis. By knowing your buyers’ personas, their habits, their tastes and by measuring which elements of your campaigns work and what is the impact of your strategy, inbound marketing provides you quality information to put you ahead of your competitors. You can use that to your advantage.

So, why imitate old and inefficient strategies that are currently your industry’s standards? Why not, rather, set the bar higher?

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