Linkedin for dentist, 9 signs that you should update your profile (Demo)

First, why develop your clinic on Linkedin?

  • To have references from other dentists
  • For the recruitment of staff

A well-informed and aware person of the world once advised you to create a LinkedIn account, ensuring peace and prosperity by simply being on this social network. Driven by a wave of enthusiasm and a concern for professionalism, you have duly completed your profile as best as possible.

Now, it is possible that you look at this profile, which was so hopeful, like a vulgar digital trinket that accumulates dust pixels. Is it time to take out the feather duster or let the sleeping cat sleep?

Here are 10 reasons why you might want to dust off your LinkedIn account :

1. Nobody contacts you by LinkedIn

It begins well. LinkedIn’s primary purpose is to serve as a networking platform , so if, apart from a few lost souls, you do not receive any requests for connections or news from LinkedIn, it might be useful to become active on this network.

2. Your competitors are very active on the network

The tab ‘Who viewed your profile?’ allows you to measure the activity of your profile with those of people who hold similar positions in similar industries in your area.

If your position is far from the head, this means that your competitors spend more time investing on LinkedIn than you .

3. Your relationships are only personal

You know very well the people who are part of your network of contacts. In addition, they come from different cities around the world and work in very different environments. The problem is that these people are family members, friends and acquaintances.

These are good contacts, but they will not necessarily help you in your professional network .

4. Your photo, title and resume are out of date

It is very likely that you were in different circumstances when you created your account.

Since then, many things have surely changed in your life: maybe the picture of you on vacation is no longer relevant (and does not correspond much to your current job), that the title you had given is that of your last job and there is a time gap between the last job registered and the present moment.

5. Looking to recruit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent, but expensive, recruiting tool . For skilled workers, this kind of investment is worthwhile, since LinkedIn allows you to view the profiles and activity of the people you could recruit.

But do you say that candidates do the same for your profile (ads can be associated with a personal profile) and that of your company.

6. You want to generate more patients

In addition to recruiting and networking, your account can serve as a prospecting tool . Do not hesitate to contact one of your peers that you want to have as a reference without rushing into your approach.

In this way, LinkedIn works much like a network of meetings, but for professional relationships (… most of the time, to be published soon: ‘How not to use LinkedIn to find the soulmate’).

7. Looking for more information about your domain

Apart from potential employees and potential customers, you can join groups or connect with people who are doing the same thing as you. Of course, it’s helpful to keep an eye on the competition to position yourself, but it’s also a great place to stay abreast of what’s going on in your field .

8. Your clinic is growing

Your company has grown recently, in terms of sales, sales volume, number of employees and / or geographic reach. Excellent!

Does your LinkedIn company page reflect the current image of your company or is it a time capsule of what it represented?

9. You want to distribute the content of your blog

You have invested time to write a blog or have invested money in an internal or external resource to do so. You wait patiently for Google to send visitors, but they are waiting.

Why not use your profile and your company profile to share what your blog communicates?

I hope you’ll be better able to determine if LinkedIn is a relevant social network for you and / or your dental clinic, as it can help you recruit new employees, search for a new referrer , stand out from your competition, find new patients and share information about your field.