Performance for dental clinics (Demo)

Performance for dental clinics

Digital performance for dental clinics:

is an essential requirement for the online presence of a company.

This virtual presence is increasingly important and, in some cases, even more so than physical presence. Just as the decision to choose a clinic’s physical location must be justified by a reflection on the best conditions specific to the company, its sector of activity and its customers, the location, positioning and maintenance of its online presence must be a thoughtful process. Except that, in some places, it might inculcate some small details.

And in the virtual world,

Small details

Make all the difference. The degree of success of a brand’s online presence is called digital performance. Starting with the choice of the domain name and going through the ability of design to present information intuitively, on computers and mobile devices in equal measure, the identification of keywords around which the site positions itself, the relevance of blog posts, the creation of communities on social media and the ability to interact in a professional and friendly way, here are just a few aspects.

Test yourself! Start with

Your website:

1. Do you have one?

– If you don’t have one, look at the calendar. It’s 2018.

2. Does your domain name represent the name of your company?

– Sometimes, especially when the name of a company is very common, it is difficult to reserve a domain name that corresponds exactly to the name of the company. If you don’t, good.

3. Is the design of your site self-adaptive (responsive)?

– Type the name of your domain in the browser of your phone. If the site has exactly the same shape as on your computer, it is probably very old. The life of a site varies between two and four years. If your site was created in 2010, it absolutely needs a new digital paint coat.

4. Is your site optimized SEO?

– Each page on your site should have content optimized according to a keyword or key phrase. It’s kind of the label that says the ingredients inside the box. You understand that even if the name is perfect and the packaging is beautiful, marking the wrong ingredients or not marking them at all can inevitably harm the sales process.

If you answered yes to all these questions, hats off! But know that the website only makes a small part of your final note when it comes to digital performance.

Another great piece is allocated to your blog!

Considered, unfortunately, by a large part of the companies as a simple decorative element of their website (Everyone has one, it’s good to have one!), the blog has, in fact, for most of the time, a role even more important than the site, especially when it is constantly fed. Is this your case?

As in any approach in the virtual world, you should first have a strategy in mind. Do you have one? Knowing that the blog has various missions (to inform about your products and services, to answer potential questions from your current patients or prospects), you can adjust your financial or time resources with the content you want to put forward and improve your digital performance.

Your publishing strategy should also be based on an in-depth analysis of the key words and phrases used in your industry, as well as by your competitors. Do you have one?

Once we have settled the website and the blog,

Social media.

Before you even think about your presence on the various platforms of socialization, did you do a study to find out where your customers are? Facebook is probably the place where you’ll find a little everyone, but if your industry or business targets specific audiences, by age, gender or interest, you will likely have more advanced options.

Now that you have your study, do you have a game plan too? Yes, a game plan with specific goals and linked to a timeline to support your digital performance in social media. Perhaps even an automated management tool and, above all, with a performance analysis mechanism!

Do you have an optimized publishing schedule and online community management strategy?

Yes, an effective calendar based on the results of the original study that is supposed to tell you the best times of the day for your publications, in order to better target your community. And yes, a management strategy with your community, the parameters within which you will interact with community members, your patients, your supporters, but also Crisis Management. Because yes, there will be a crisis at some point… and if not, it’s always better to plan a crisis management strategy and never have to implement it.…

Have you established a specific level of language to match your community and industry? Yes, a level of language, to meet the needs and questions of your customers, but also to break into other segments of the market. Do you speak, therefore, the language of your clientele?

If you are an ace of all the elements mentioned so far, it may be that you have not yet put in place a


something that can very well damage the reputation of your brand and the loyalty of your customers.

You have a list of patients, you have a list of potential patients, and you certainly have lists. Have you segmented them according to the type of interaction you have with these people? How so, why? Because you’re probably offering more than a service or a product. And it would be helpful if, say, a person who became your patient as a result of buying a product became loyal through the purchase of a second product.

But for this patient to be notified that you are selling this second product, on your promotional offers, or on the brand new article published on your blog (which could in itself meet one of his needs), the customer must be informed.

So you have segmented your lists. You have therefore set up a system for sending newsletters. But do you do A/B testing? Are you putting your newsletter at the service of your digital performance?

If you have answered No to at least one of the questions in this article, feel free to contact us for more information and advice. If you answered yes to all the questions, congratulations! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter!