Proven techniques to get more appointments in his dental clinic (Demo)

This is not about getting more appointments, but more confirmed appointments and fewer missed, forgotten or cancelled appointments. Appointments with patients who respect their commitments. And to do that, you need to install a strict process when making an appointment. Here are the techniques that have been tested over time for more appointments in your dental clinic.

Brief your dental Secretary

Your dental secretary is the first contact with your patients. It is thanks to her that you will get your appointments and validate new clients. It reflects the professionalism of your firm. It is important to concentrate your efforts so that your assistant sets up a procedure, a strict script for obtaining and confirming appointments. The telephone is his main point of contact. Your assistant should listen attentively, use and modulate her voice to make a good first impression, and especially always keep smiling. You can hear the smile in your voice. Before you even pick up the phone, a smile should be placed on your face. This warm welcome will be felt from the very beginning. Your patients need to understand that they will always be listened to and understood, regardless of the reason for their call. All these little details will make your patients feel important.

Add value to your dental clinic

Your professionalism should be felt at every stage with your patient, from the first call, to the consultation, until the next appointment is made. When making phone calls, your receptionist should always remember your name, along with your title, to emphasize your capabilities. You’re still a doctor! She should let it be known that many patients already trust you and that the schedules are a little busy. Having an appointment with you is a great opportunity, and the patient should be aware of it.

Identify communication channels

During the conversation, it would be interesting for your receptionist to find out how the patient has learned of your existence: the directory, a friend’s recommendation, a newsletter, a Google search etc. This will allow you to better focus your marketing efforts in the identified communication channels. This is not to be overlooked, as it is at the heart of your strategy to acquire new customers.

Always specify the conditions for cancelling your appointments

In order to ensure the presence of the patient in the chosen time slot, it is important to recall the cancellation conditions when making an appointment. Be clear on this point. Please note on the appointment card that ” in case of cancellation of your appointment, please contact us 48 hours in advance “. In order to be a little more binding in the face of cancelled appointments, do not hesitate to add : “beyond that, cancellation fees could be applied “. These statements greatly reduce the risk of appointments not honored.

Write a script to deal with any situation

In order to make sure your assistant’s answers are correct, it is best to create a script that she can follow during telephone or live interviews with your patients. It will be interesting to discuss things, such as : the request for an appointment, the request for an emergency appointment, the fees, the financial support, an online request for a price, a patient who is late, or a patient who cancels his appointment. The quality of your customer service is the key to managing your calendar.
Thus a patient, with a correct and adapted answer, will have no fear to take an appointment in your dental clinic and will be assured of your professionalism.

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