Towards a more humane Web design (Demo)

New technologies, application design, interactivity … Design evolves as much as new platforms.
Artificial intelligence such as Skynet or a VIKI is not quite there yet. But in the meantime, the tendency to humanize the sites is more and more palpable.

Emotions and web experience via illustration

A good Web experience is as much about thought architecture and intuitive design as it is about being able to generate emotions. Bringing the visitor to want to continue to visit a site, catch the attention and create movement, makes the technology a little more human. The challenge is to create an experience representing the brand, while telling a story. The feeling of belonging can come through freehand drawings, colors, universes created entirely by hand and digitized. Whether it’s 2D drawings or animations 3D , a site can immediately come to life with a design incorporating a visual “handmade”.

The explosion of “ gaming ” pushes the limits further and further into the complexity of animations. But we still find visuals made of paper montages and animations frame by frame. There is something for every taste!

Typography is not in rest!

In addition to visuals, typography gives a soul to web design. In recent years, accessibility to many “fonts” for the Web via sites such as Dafont , Squirrel or Google font , helped to see the outbreak typos of all kinds. The most used to bring the human side back to the Web are those that look like handwriting. They are often very thin, not quite straight and nicely imperfect. The user feels closer to this style of design because it “breaks” the architecture well calculated, to the pixel, a Web site. Bring back a little imperfection, because let’s be realistic, perfection does not exist, makes everything a little more real.

Illustrations, sketches, icons, animations, “freehand” typography … allow to push Web design a little further; to put art at your fingertips and bring us closer to a creation that is both functional and visually appealing.

Several dentists website make the mistake of presenting their Cerec machine, outdoor building photo etc. Your patients buy health, aesthetics or a lifestyle instead … Try to work on your design in this way.