Treatment plan purpose (Demo)


Formulating a logical sequence of treatment designed to restore the patient’s dentition to optimal health, with full function and good appearance.

Ideal treatment plan is the one that achieves the best possible long-term outcomes for the patient, while addressing all or most important patient concerns and active problems. Dental intervention should always be optimized. Treatment plan has to combine objective facts and confirmed beliefs with professional examination. To be presented in clear, direct and understandable manner, educational tools are obligatory. It can start with the video in the lobby – it explains and educates; ‘before and after photos’ of real cases (consent even for the smile vision), so that patients can understand what is possible.

Every treatment plan consists of several stages. Expert diagnosis is mandatory (listen, observe, inspect, analyze – Dx casts, Dx wax-up, verify, inform, understand and plan). Diagnosed conditions must be treated and controlled (periodontal health, endodontic history, teeth previously or in plan to be extracted, operative dental history). Restorative treatment should meet patient’s needs and long-term wellbeing (high-quality dentistry, multidisciplinary treatment). The same criteria apply for a comprehensive, personalized maintenance project (re-care – “recall” examinations in regular periodicity, nutrition and diet, lifestyle consult, prophylactic procedures).

Developing treatment options

  1. Patient’s expectations (before and after informational/motivational interview – establish how important is dental care to them – influence patient’s values of dentistry)
  2. Systemic health (physical, mental, emotional)
  3. Costs (planned and possible)
  4. Oral health (periodontal status, caries risk, soft tissues, risk behavior)
  5. Success rate of proposed treatments
  6. Possible complications and solutions
  7. Total time of treatment at the base line (number of visits, duration of visits)
  8. Impact on quality of life (the more we talk about services; the chances patients will want them are increased)


PATIENT – human being, organism in whole and most valuable collaborator

TREATMENT – multidisciplinary team

SUCCESS – early planning and adaptation/adjustments in real time/follow-up precise.

Recommendations for conduct in treatment planning and presenting

Decisions a Tx coordinator (and all clinical personnel, too) makes must be ethical and based on core values:

  1. Autonomy – treat patients with respect, patients have the right to informed consent
  2. Confidentiality – respect confidentiality of patient’s information
  3. Societal trust – value patient trust and understand that public trust in the profession is based on clinician actions and beliefs
  4. Nonmaleficience – Primum non nocere! Protect patients by minimizing risk of harm.
  5. Beneficience – promote the wellbeing of patients, coworkers and public always
  6. Justice and fairness – support the fair and equitable distribution of health care resources
  7. Veracity – tell the truth.


About the author

Mirjana Šindolić

My name is Mirjana Šindolić, and you can call me Mia.

I have graduated from the School of Dental Medicine University of Belgrade thirty years ago. Immediately after, I was admitted in program of master and specialty studies in pediatric and preventive dentistry. For eighteen years, I was learning and teaching continuously. Early on into my professional path, I developed a special interest in communication skills. It remains my passion until present days. Work at the University taught me to lead by example, apply evidence-based methods and always listen first.

Ten years ago, after immigrating to Quebec, Canada, little I knew that the excitement of learning will expand and my love for exploring various communication modalities will grow in five languages. I speak, read and write – my mother tongue Serbo-Croatian, French, English, Russian and Romanian.

In 2016 I have completed a dental hygiene program at St-Hyacinthe college, and ever since am immersed in oral health care system in Quebec. I was fortunate to work in dental clinics with advanced technologies, and advanced human relations, equally. Understanding intercultural and multicultural environment, recognizing essential human needs and expectations, I am convinced that kindness and expertise are sources to our wellbeing. It is a privilege to me to be able and synthesize knowledge of two of the key players in dental clinic lieu – dentist and dental hygienist. The longer they work together, the better professional results and balanced lifestyles are achieved.

My personality, matured in dental setting, academic background provided for lasting learning and accumulated experience allow me to be confident in sharing knowledge, suggestions, solutions with dental teams and patients. Human nature in hectic lifestyle remains open to acquiring new information and bettering itself.

I can help you decrease your stress level, improve communication techniques, turn the feedback in constructive outcomes, build a dedicated team, find your own ‘motivation button’.


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