What happens if I lose my domain name? (Demo)

Manage your domain name: important information to keep

With the purchase of a domain name, you benefit from a subscription service subject to conditions (tariffs, technical constraints, storage volumes, duration). Your website will also evolve every 2 to 5 years to keep it updated.
In this sense, you will have to renew your subscription or change provider according to your satisfaction and your needs.

It is important to keep the data relating to your website hosting to facilitate all your steps:

  • Name of your hosting provider (GoDaddy, iWeb, Funio …)
  • Your access codes to your account with this provider, username and password
  • If you went through a web agency that took everything in hand, keep his contact or ask him to clarify the two previous points

What happens if I do not renew my domain name?

A domain name is usually renewed every year. If you do not do this, you risk losing your website.
Here is a schema that summarizes the life cycle of a domain name:
the lifecycle of a domain name

After the renewal anniversary date, you have about <2 months maximum to avoid losing your site . During this period, it is no longer visible online.

If you lose your hosting:

  • You lose all data from your website that was online.
  • It hurts your brand because your potential visitors will land on a generic page of the host indicating that the site no longer exists. This can spread the fact that your business is doing badly.
  • You lose all the capital and SEO work you have acquired for your site.
  • You lose your email addresses and conversation history if it was backed up online and not on your computer.
  • Your domain name may be bought by competitors or by companies that want to benefit from your reputation, which would hurt your image.
  • Some companies buy domain names for auction based on your reputation.

Stay in control of your Internet identity and consider renewing your domain name subscription with your hosting provider.