Why buy a clean domain name for my website? (Demo)

What is a domain name?

The domain name is your identity on the Internet . Either the user knows it already and enters it directly in the address bar of the browser, or he uses a search engine (Google, Bing …) to find you. Search engines use algorithms based on several criteria to ensure that your website is given a place and relevance in the search results. These criteria affect several levels of your website: each page is analyzed, the number of external links pointing to these too and the website as a whole is assigned a profile.

With this analytics data, search engines assign a awareness level that they capitalize around your domain name. When you buy a domain name, this reputation starts from scratch and you can then build an SEO strategy that you can optimize as you go to develop this popularity.

Should I choose a free or paid domain name?

It is possible to create a free website hosted on blog platforms, for example (Blogger, WordPress.com). You will then be assigned a domain name that does not belong to you, with extensions containing the name of the platform (monblog.blogspot.com). If it closes, you automatically lose your website and SEO work that was set up around that address. In addition, a website address with the name of the blog platform does not have a very professional image. To avoid.

Owning a domain name will allow you to create personalized email addresses with the name of your business, essential to spread your brand image during your electronic communications.

Any serious and perennial website project must integrate the purchase of a relevant domain name on which to base your branding and long-term SEO strategy.