Why create a business blog? (Demo)

Website and Blog, which one to privilege?

Should we instead create a website or a corporate blog?
One does not replace the other, both will be complementary in their functionality and goals. Moreover, in practice and in the coming years, we will not be surprised to see them merge more and more into one platform.

  • The website is your virtual showcase. It presents your company, your products and services, your brand and your values. It also allows you to contact you and more often than not becomes your online store to order. It’s still static at the content level. It is less incentive for a second visit.
  • The blog meanwhile is a space of expression on your field of activity. It is there to regularly provide high value-added content for your customers and prospects. It allows personalized exchange via comments. It is more dynamic , it is he who will generate recurring visits.

The key word to remember here is: content . It is he who will be the driving force of your communication on the Internet.

3 benefits of the professional blog

1. Improve your SEO

The first impact generated by your blog will be about your visibility on the Internet.

Unlike the more static website, the principle of regular content will allow search engine robots like Google to index your articles and return to frequently view your newly created content. Google likes updates and will get you back into the search results.

With the blog you can create expertise content centered on the needs and questions of your prospects . So Google queries from your prospects will get more relevant results to your blog. The visited article will offer a call-to-action or a link to the page of your website that provides the solution to the problem of your prospect (product or service). This is the basis of an Inbound Marketing strategy. (What is Inbound Marketing?).

In this way, traffic to your website will increase, improving its SEO. The conversion rate will also be impacted by the relevance of the prospect’s search path.
Bring your prospects closer to your business and increase your sales!

2. Optimize your image and build loyalty

Always in opposition to the website, your blog will bring a human and relational dimension to your image strategy.
For that, it is necessary to privilege qualified contents on your fields of activity, which will interest your prospects and customers. The commercial speech is to be avoided . The blog should not be self-centered on the company but on the problems or questions of prospects. You have to be generous and attentive to build a relationship of proximity and trust. You will be able to demonstrate your credibility and your control of your activities.

By responding to visitor comments, you will add a human dimension to your Internet presence. Prospects will feel appreciated and will trust. And if you respond with fast turnaround times as the virtual world demands, you’ll be showing a dynamic, up-and-coming business. Indirectly you will reassure your prospects on the quality of your service and your responsiveness. Keep in mind that if you interact with a new lead within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert it into a customer!

With relevant and well-constructed articles, you’ll conquer loyal readers . It still means better SEO. Your efforts could be rewarded from 6 months of publication, becoming a reference blog that is authoritative in your industry. Your articles can be shared and quoted in other blogs on the subject and on social media.
This will be the beginning of notoriety, but beware, it keeps talking!

3. Easily manage your blog without specific technical knowledge

Do not panic ! Creating and managing a blog requires no advanced technical knowledge.
There are several free tools that let you create your blog in a very intuitive and fast way. Depending on your objectives, you can find platforms adapted to your computer fluency, from the most basic to the most functional. In any case, no need to know the HTML code to create an article with a text and an image, links or even a video!

Do not hesitate, get started!

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