Why create a corporate LinkedIn account? (Demo)

Great question!

Unlike a corporate account for a social network like Facebook and Twitter, a company LinkedIn account does not directly interact with its ‘fans.’ This interaction is done via the personal accounts of the users of this social network. This is primarily a profile that is used to provide information about your company .

Still, a company LinkedIn page has other benefits that should not be overlooked:

1. Make your company more accessible

Much like a Google+ page, a LinkedIn company page helps your SEO , both on Google search engines and searches inside LinkedIn. A detailed description of your company provides keywords to these search engines.

2. Group your employees

You may (surely) have a ‘our team’ page on your site to show your customers who are in-house.

The corporate LinkedIn account also groups your team with the advantage of being more dynamic with staff and profile changes based on the activity of the respective accounts. The profiles of your employees are also more complete.

3. Communicates with your customers and suppliers

Your company’s news feed is an effective way to keep your customers, suppliers, and even the people you want to recruit informed about your company’s activities, such as new members of your team, completed projects, new customers, and more. all changes within the company.

A LinkedIn publication is a good way to keep your partners informed without having to resort to an email campaign.

4. Has publication statistics

A major difference between personal and business accounts is that corporate LinkedIn accounts provide detailed data about who interacted with the content you posted . This data can help you determine who your target market is and how to adjust your content to get more feedback.

5. Showcases your company’s brand

If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn professionals are your audience . That your brand is well established on LinkedIn for a B2C business is helpful, but for a B2B company, a company page is vital. It is the social networking platform most used to reach businesses and professionals.

What now?

You can take the time to create a LinkedIn page, if it’s not done yet, refresh your company image, then start publishing regularly to your account.